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Newbury Dental Wants to Meet Your Jagare Ridge Dental Needs

Set comfortably between the Jagare Ridge golf course and the Whitemud Creek Ravine, Jagare Ridge is a beautiful community of classically designed homes. With spectacular amenities like a playground and exercise center, jogging trails, ponds, parks, and a gorgeous waterfall, it can feel like the perfect place to raise a family.

We at Newbury Dental want to make this lovely slice of Canadian life even more inviting by offering excellent Jagare Ridge dental services. Our nearby office is a quick six-minute trip up 141st street and 41st Avenue Southwest, and we offer convenient appointment times Monday through Friday for busy families.

Here’s why Newbury Dental should be your go-to Jagare Ridge dental provider for the entire family.

Why We Love Jagare Ridge

Jagare Ridge is an excellent place to raise a family. Its convenient location just outside of Southern Edmonton in Heritage Valley makes it a quick trip into the city for the excitement, but you don’t even have to travel that far! The community itself is rich with places to explore.

The housing community backs straight up onto the lovely Jagare Ridge Golf Course, which is known for its impressive and well-organized tournaments and events. You can practically watch them from your back porch! The homes in the area nestle into the course and the surrounding natural beauty to provide an aesthetically amazing backdrop for everyday life.

Speaking of beautiful aesthetics, Jagare Ridge is home to a brilliant waterfall. Situated on the 15th hole of the golf course and welcomes you to the East side of the community in style. It’s been listed as a mind-blowing feature by Yegventures for its multi-tiered and colorfully lit display.

It’s not all about the looks, though. The Jagare Ridge community offers outdoor exercise stations where you can work out in the sunshine before heading out on one of the numerous trails for a walk or a jog. You can also bring the kids outside to the gorgeous park and playground, to keep them active and excited!

Jagare Ridge is full of classically styled homes to meet any family’s needs and is a vibrant community of expressive, passionate individuals. We at Newbury Dental are excited to join this community and help to keep everyone smiling with high-quality dental healthcare.

Our Jagare Ridge Dental Services

At Newbury Dental, we’re happy to offer a comprehensive list of dental healthcare solutions across three categories. These services are available for adults and children, so you can get the whole family the care they need under the convenience of a single practice.

General Dentistry

We offer general dentistry services that aim to help prevent the development of decay and solve common problems like cavities and tooth loss. These treatments accompany advice for maintaining a healthy, productive dental hygiene routine.

These services include

Regular exams and cleanings. These preventative visits allow you to stay on top of your oral healthcare needs by identifying issues as early as possible.

Fillings and sealants. When minor decay causes weakness in the teeth and the potential for pain, we’re happy to remove it and rebuild the affected tooth, as well as provide a means of reducing the chance of recurrence with preventative measures.

Crowns, bridges, and dentures. If your teeth are lost or badly damaged due to illness, injury, or decay, we can help you regain comfortable use of your teeth with artificial reconstructions.

Root canals, TMJ, and dental splints. More serious dental issues? No problem. We’ll help to reduce pain, resolve decay, and treat disease as comfortably as possible.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We’re also proud to help with your cosmetic dentistry needs. We understand that a person’s smile can have a dramatic effect on their personal confidence. Our experienced team can help you choose a system to regain a beautiful smile you can be proud of. We offer

Invisalign clear aligner systems. We’re happy to offer the most popular clear aligner system in the world for our patients, alongside convenient and consistent care throughout the realignment process. This option is great for teens and adults, so don’t be afraid to ask more questions if you feel it could be right for you!

Veneers and whitening services. Get the color you want for your teeth through cosmetic veneers and professional whitening services. We offer porcelain veneers that are custom fit to your smile and both in-office and at-home whitening solutions that are more effective than over-the-counter options.

Composite bonding. Using high-quality long-lasting resin, we’ll protect and reshape your teeth to meet your needs. This minimally invasive and cost-effective treatment is excellent for chipped, discolored, or worn-down teeth and can be done in one office visit.

Complete smile makeover treatments. Using a combination of services, we’ll turn your frown upside down with a complete smile makeover to make your smile brighter and straighter.

Full mouth rehabilitation. For more serious reconstructive efforts, we’ll combine functional and aesthetic repairs to improve your overall health and confidence.

Dental Surgery

Finally, we are proud to offer dental surgery options for more serious oral healthcare needs. These treatments are provided with a practical and transparent approach so that you always know what to expect and how our services will benefit you. We offer in-office services such as

Tooth extractions. Of course, our first priority as dentists is to save your teeth whenever possible. Sometimes, though, there are issues that cannot be resolved. If you have teeth that are causing you issues that cannot be saved, we’ll remove them as comfortably and efficiently as possible. We’re also happy to discuss your options post-extraction to improve your overall health and dental functionality.

Dental implants. After an extraction, you might be worried about losing bone structure or functionality in your smile. We’re happy to offer Cone Beam CT technology and intra-oral scanning for 3D rendering of the mouth and jaw for more accurate and precise surgery and placement. We also offer dental implants from Straumann, a globally trusted industry leader in implant production, to restore the functionality of your lost teeth.

Wisdom tooth care and extraction. Though they will not always need an extraction, wisdom tooth issues are relatively common in adults and can cause serious pain and larger health issues if left untreated. Our team will monitor your wisdom teeth to ensure that they come in healthy and in proper alignment. If they do need to be removed, we’ll do so as efficiently as possible.

Gum contouring. If you’re unhappy with the amount of gum in your smile, or if the excess gum tissue is causing you issues, we can offer options to reduce that tissue or extend your teeth to lessen its impact.

Additionally, we at Newbury Dental understand that going to the dentist can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many people. To combat this, we are also happy to offer sedation dentistry for your comfort and convenience. A trip to the dentist shouldn’t be scary. We aim to make it a trip you enjoy making.

As we mentioned earlier, at Newbury Dental, we believe that our patients should take an active role in their dental healthcare, and so we invite you to discuss your treatment plan with your dentist openly and honestly. It is, after all, your smile, and we want you to be comfortable with it!

We’re excited to work not just for you but with you, taking into consideration your individual needs and concerns to create a personalized treatment plan that works to your schedule.

Meet Our Dentists

Our practice is founded on care – in fact, it began as a love story! Dr. Lee and Dr. Ngai met in Boston while they were in dental school, and spent much time on Newbury Street making memories and falling in love. When they returned to Edmonton to get married and start a practice, they knew they wanted to name their business after this hopeful street, so Newbury Dental was born.

Dr. Lee is a Toronto native who earned her doctorate in Dental Medicine from Boston University Henry M Goldman School of Dental Medicine. She also carries an Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from the University of Toronto. She enjoys all disciplines of dental healthcare but carries a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Ngai carries a doctorate of Dental Medicine from the same university as his wife and has a passion for all aspects of dentistry including restorative procedures and surgery. He’s an Edmonton native and incredibly excited to bring his expertise – and his family – back to his hometown.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Ngai are currently raising their two boisterous boys in Edmonton. They aim to bring the values they establish in their home to their practice and their patients.

The team at Newbury Dental aims to bring together family values and a passion for excellent dental care. We strive to curate a comfortable and welcoming environment in our office so that you and your loved ones feel safe and confident when visiting.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Excited to take control of your dental health? We're excited to meet you, too. If you’re ready to visit your new Jagare Ridge dental services go-to, you can find all of the necessary forms for new patients here. You’ll want to bring a few things with you for your first appointment:

A valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license

Your valid insurance card

Any questions, comments, or concerns you have to share with your dentist!

Your consultation will include a friendly and open conversation with one of our dentists, during which they will go over your needs and the options available to you.

From there, we simply hope to see you regularly, so that your smile can be as bright, healthy, and confident as possible! We’re happy to accept most major insurance providers. If you want to be certain that your plan will be accepted, you’re more than welcome to contact us to confirm.

For existing patients, we offer convenient online bill-paying options and scheduling services.

You can call the Newbury Dental office at 780 760 3033 during office hours (Monday through Friday, 9 am through 5 pm, with the exception of Tuesdays, for which hours are 11 am through 7 pm). You can also email us at, or book your appointment online through our website.

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