Where passion for people meets passion for dentistry

161 Dental Studio

Where passion for people meets passion for dentistry

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Dr. Ngai educating a child regarding oral health

Bright and Healthy Smiles

When you combine a passion for people with a passion for dentistry, the result is a community full of beautiful smiles. With our commitment to great patient experience and quality-driven dentistry, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives and smiles of you and your family!

Patient Commitment

We have intentionally designed Newbury Dental to be able to deliver a modern and redesigned dental experience where people feel cared for, valued, and respected. Here at Newbury Dental, we are committed to making your dental visit relaxing and enjoyable. An overhead TV and headphones are just some of the comforts you can expect at your visit to our South Edmonton dental clinic

First impressions of the dental office is clean, bright, and has a modern tranquil like ambience to it.

Emelie at reception was very friendly upon welcoming me when checking-in and after my appointment was done.  Kiersten the Dental Assistant was delightful, super professional and kept making sure that I was OK and comfortable throughout; she walked me through every step of what we were doing.  Dr. Ngai was fantastic!  He was very genuine, informative and thorough.  He made sure he took the time to answer any questions and concerns that I might have had and walked me through what I needed for my next visit.

Overall I was blown away by the customer service, friendliness, professionalism and how extremely welcoming and accommodating the team at Newbury Dental was to me.  You can tell everyone enjoys what they do there and they truly wants to make sure their clients are well taken care of.  What a great experience!  Thank you so much!

Anyone who reads this, if you're looking for a great Dental Team, look no further. Must Come here!

Eugene D

Where do I begin... Dr. Linda Lee is an absolute godsend. I followed her to her stunning new practice, Newbury, from her previous and to be honest I would follow her to the ends of the earth! As someone who struggles with anxiety, finding a dentist I was comfortable with was always a struggle, but not anymore!

Your experience at Newbury is relaxing and enjoyable right from Emilie's warm welcome when you walk through the door. Kiersten's friendly demeanor and excellent attention to detail matched with Dr. Lee's kindness, talent and expertise is an absolute dream team. The warm natural décor, cloud slippers, warm blankets, and Netflix definitely don't hinder the experience either! Dr. Lee and Dr. Ngai go above an beyond for their clients and I feel it is my duty to recommend them to anyone who is in need of excellent dental care!!!

Shea M
Moss Wall in Newbury Dental, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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