What is a crown?

A crown caps a tooth to restore it to its normal shape, size and function. Crowns strengthen the tooth it covers as well as dramatically improving its appearance. They can also be used to restore a tooth, attach to a bridge or implant, protect teeth from breaking, and cover misshaped teeth. 

How do we create and place your crown?

1. Professional preparation

With your comfort and relaxation in mind, our dentists will prepare the area to accommodate the crown. If there is a cavity on the tooth, it will be efficiently removed at the same time so only healthy tooth structure remain.

2. Digital scan

Instead of filling your mouth with messy impression material that so many of us find uncomfortable, we capture a high-definition digital image of the area where the crown will be placed.

3. Temporary

We create a temporary tooth that you will leave with while the lab expertly creates your final crown.

4. placing your final crown

When your new crown is ready to restore your smile, our dentists will make sure the crown meets your esthetic expectations and feels comfortable in your mouth before we permanently bond it in. You now have a new crown that not only looks and feels great, but also protects your underlying natural tooth!

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